My first hero was my mom. Or maybe Bugs Bunny. It was a close thing in a small town with only one channel.  

She had a horrible childhood but didn’t let it define hermy mother became the opposite of her experience. Compassionate and driven to do good, she thrived in the business world and became a celebrated leader in the community. Caring is part of her strength.  

Mom’s influence had a profound effect on me and my career path. I’ve become a champion of acceptance, social justice, and finding ways to make the world suck a little less via encouraging renegade acts of kindness and stepping up when others choose to sit. Together, we create bright spots in the darkness.  

For the past decade I’ve coached millions via my writings in the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, TIME Magazine, Chatelaine, NPR, the Guardian, and many others. There have also been hundreds of radio and podcast interviewsseveral national TV appearances, a lot of public speaking, a couple of booksand a blog that goes viral so often it needs a flu shot.  

Please get your flu shot.  

I endeavor to show compassion to those who need it most, to strengthen them in their own paths to self-improvement, and help them achieve greatness on their own terms by realizing their authentic self.

Sometimes, people call me a social justice warrior. While often intended as one, I do not consider this an insult