I was in debt, drunk, flunking out, tipping the scales toward obesity. A single moment changed my life. I was in a state of despair over my situation, and with a sudden awakening of massive insight, my path altered course. My passion to succeed awakened, I was driven to accomplish something meaningful with my life.

It was the moment that split my life in two, dividing it into “before,” and “after.”

After this transformative experience, I began to ace my courses, got out of debt, got in shape, married an amazing woman who graduated at the top of her class from med school, attained two master’s degrees, had a successful business career, raised a couple of athletic straight-A students, and accomplished a midlife career change to become one of the most popular health and fitness writers in North America. I’ve been writing articles for the Los Angeles Times since 2010, the Chicago Tribune since 2012, had columns with Chatelaine and AskMen, and been published in TIME Magazine, The Guardian, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and many others. I’ve lost count of how many celebrities and star athletes I’ve interviewed, been on TV and radio a whole lot, and given presentations to thousands of people on how to change their lives. My blog gets millions of visitors a year.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

Perhaps, like it was with me, life is something of a crap sandwich. Alternatively, you could merely be mired in mediocrity. Or, life could even be “good,” but you wish it to be great.

If weight loss is one of your goals, I wrote a book about that. Anyone who has tried to lose weight understands how challenging it is, especially when it comes to keeping the pounds off. My interest in sudden inspiration to change came about from seeing so many succeed at sustained weight loss as a result of a “holy shit moment” that altered their path in an instant. I discovered that those who had an abrupt, transformative experience about their bodies were far more successful at losing weight and keeping it off than those who treated motivation as a series of baby steps where the slow and steady forced march would eventually drag them over a tipping point.


That realization inspired my next book: The Holy Sh!t Moment.

It’s not a weight loss book, unless you want it to be. It’s for anyone seeking change: those wishing to battle addiction, change careers / attitudes / relationships, even chase adventure! The rapid transformation of mindset where a feeling of rightness is awakened is often more powerful, more invigorating, and sets up greater adherence to the new path. It is about achieving certainty intertwined with passion, suddenly unveiled, that drives you to race toward your goals, determined at every step.

“Father of American Psychology” William James asserted we use only the smallest fraction of our potential. It’s only under certain circumstances of constructive stress or deep feeling we tap into emotional reserves to strive for greatness.

If you’re ready to tap into those emotional reserves and take your life to the next level, buy my book. And check out my blog too. And to learn more about how life-changing moments work in terms of enhancing motivation, see my FAQ page.