Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your website URL

Because I love her.

I began my writing career focused on health and fitness, and once your website achieves a certain amount of popularity it’s a pain to change to a new URL so I’m keeping it even though I’ve evolved to focus on a broader approach to  motivational psychology for helping people change a variety of aspects of their lives (including changing their bodies—I still dig that).

But yes, long ago, I decided to get in shape prior to proposing to my wife. Years later, the book Body for Life became popular and a bunch of my friends did that program. I made a joke about being “on the body for wife program” and they laughed and here we are.

You talk about this life-changing moment you had. Can you tell me about it?

I go into detail in my book The Holy Sh!t Moment, but a short description of what happened is in this Chicago Tribune article.

So, how does the life-changing moment work in terms of motivation?

It took me an entire book to properly address that question. But … have you seen Shrek? Ogres are like onions and all that? Social Psychologist Milton Rokeach’s Model of Personality asserts there are “layers” to who we are, with superficial actions and thoughts at the surface, followed by beliefs at the next layer in, then attitudes, followed by values. Finally, the most interior layer is the “self”—that person who you really are, deep down. Couple this information with new research into the “identity-value model of self-control.”

That probably tells you a whole lot of nothing thus far. But most of us have external, surface-level behaviors that are not in line with our true selves—that most interior layer. We behave in ways that are reactionary to the environment and social pressures. Focusing on changing these external behaviors (quitting an addiction, exercising, eating better, being happier / kinder / more passionate and driven etc.) is extraordinarily difficult because we’re not addressing root causes. A life-changing moment is one of massive realization regarding what our true self and values are, and permitting them to reign supreme, letting them drive behavior. There’s no struggle to alter problematic behaviors or need to suffer through tasks we don’t like. Rather, we begin to act in ways that are in sync with who we really are because we’ve suddenly found our True North. Such change isn’t something that happens gradually, but is a hard pivot that unleashes a new understanding of what you’re meant to do and be.

Can you help me have such a life-changing moment?

Well … there are no guarantees. I’m clear about that in The Holy Sh!t Moment. An epiphany is often due to a sudden reorganization of information in the brain; it is directly related to creative thought. Such sudden insight happens when you’ve gathered a lot of data regarding your life and the possibilities of what you could do with it, followed by engaging in behaviors that give that knowledge a chance to percolate and coalesce in a profound way. And there are scientifically proven methods for enhancing this type of creativity that leads to lasting life change arising from a single moment of insight. I’ve had many people over the years tell me that one of my articles changed their lives with an instantaneous wave of emotion and understanding. And readers of the book have already begun telling how it helped them have a life-changing epiphany. Again: no guarantees, but lots of possibilities.

Can I hire you as a speaker?

I’d be delighted. Visit my Speaker Page to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Who is your agent?

Peter Steinberg
Foundry Literary + Media
33 West 17 th Street, PH
New York, NY 10011

Can I hire you to coach me?

Sorry, but due to time constraints I am not taking new clients at this time.

Have you ever written about … ?

Quite possibly. Your best bet is to Google “James Fell” + [thing you’re wondering about] and if I wrote about it chances are it will be the first result.

Can I get Lose it Right outside Canada?

Only if you want a hard copy. You can order it here and will have to fork out some extra cash for shipping. At present, due to copyright limitations, we have not made it available electronically outside Canada. My hope is that will change in the not too distant future.

When will The Holy Sh!t Moment be published?

The North American release is from St. Martin’s Press in January 22, 2019. It will be available from other publishers in other countries as well. Pre-order it here.

Will you read this thing I wrote?

I’m sure it’s wonderful, but no.

Don’t feel bad. My wife doesn’t usually read what I write.

I wanted to send you this bit of fan mail because I like your writing and you helped me.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I appreciate these messages and they make me feel great. Keep on rocking.

I hate everything you write. Your such a piece of shit.


Can I do a guest post on your blog?

I’ve allowed guest posts a grand total of three times, and they are all close friends. And if you’re a close friend, you aren’t reading this. Sorry.

Can we hang out?

Sure thing. Come join me and many others over at my Facebook page and/or on Twitter.

I love you.

I love you too. As a friend.